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10 to 19 August 2018 | Algarve

Silves Medieval Fair


Silves Medieval Fair runs in August. There will be 9 days of great entertainment, with craftsmen, merchants, tavern landlords, healers, entertainers, music and other surprises.

The Royal Banquet, taking place inside Silves Castle, will recreate a hearty and exquisite medieval meal, Arab-influenced dishes, like for example couscous, harira and tagine.

The Seizure of Silves from the Moors in 1189 is based on a description of a siege which lasted around 1 month of the city of Silves by 1 crusade fleet which, on its way to the Holy Land, helped King Dom Sancho I conquer the city. The event promises to reveal Silves in the light of former times and its undeniable importance in the history of Al-Gharb (Algarve).


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